Since its creation in 2006, iBrowse has concentrated on giving you the maximum from your international network.

Across Europe, iBrowse creates and manages international private WANs for large multinational companies with decentralised sites and needs for high quality communications with full redundancy in multiple countries. We provide your choice of circuits over a resilient, redundant MPLS network.

Our solution includes sophisticated QoS and application-aware load balancing, as well as a single security policy across your European network. We also provide value-added services such as Internet breakout/firewall management.

Single, integrated International Network

iBrowse operates its own MPLS network connecting its core sites in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The core network sites are all located in tier one data centres from market leaders such as Telehouse, Interxion and Equinix. We have relationships with multiple suppliers in each country to provide your choice of circuits. We can provide and manage point-to-point, any-to-any or hub and spoke architectures. Multiple choices of circuit technology: ADSL, Annex M, SDSL, FTTC, EFM, leased lines international fibre optics based links.

Single online portal

The iBrowse service portal allows you to do everything you need from your desk. One interface for all countries means that you can go online to:

  • Order new services or service changes online
  • Check order and network status online
  • Make routine network routing changes online

This allows you more control and allows us to provide you faster and better value service.

Single Point of Contact

A single NOC proactively manages circuits across Europe. Our teams are dedicated to ensuring that your networks stay up and highly available, our goal is that you never have to call us!

  • End-to end management of circuits
  • Single point of contact

And so that you are never left in the dark, every iBrowse customer is given a single point of contact always ready to answer your questions and accompany you in finding solutions to new challenges.

The Network

Contact iBrowse

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