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iBrowse operates its own MPLS network connecting its core sites in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The core network sites are all located in tier one data centres from market leaders.

All core network sites are served by redundant fibre connections so that in the event of a fibre cut traffic reroutes automatically to an alternative path.

Truly private networks

In each country we have direct interconnections with major national operators that enable us to source wholesale circuits that are delivered directly into our network:

These direct interconnections allow us to provide private networks that are truly private, respect customers’ existing IP addressing and routing and do NOT rely on encryption technologies such as IPSEC to tunnel traffic over the Internet. As a result of these direct interconnections, our private networks provide low latency and effective quality of service while avoiding the bottlenecks and security risks associated with the Internet.

Robust core equipment

We run professionals "carrier grade" equipments: the core network runs on Juniper routers. We also operate Redback/Ericsson and Cisco routers at the edge of the network where we interconnect with national operator networks via Ethernet, ATM or L2TP.

24/24, 365/365 Monitoring

Operating across multiple core network sites, an extensive monitoring system proactively detects incidents all the way down to individual customer sites. You can rest assured that alerts are sent to our NOC and support teams in the event of a service disruption, so that the downtime is minimal.

Fast, cost-effective implementation

iBrowse has existing partnerships and existing customers in multiple countries, so we can roll out international private WANs in short order. In essence, we can be a “one-stop shop” to provide your network across multiple countries and multiple technologies.

Single NOC

iBrowse operates a single NOC. This allows us to monitor our international network, to have a single security policy for all countries, and to integrate provisioning and administrative control across all countries. Some of the benefits are:

This allows you more control and allows us to provide you faster and better value service.


iBrowse can provide optional services to increase your network’s performance for latency-sensitive apps.Many of our customers request the following three options: