Single, seamless, european network services

iBrowse offers services that allow you to cut your costs and provide better service – at the same time. We allow you to provide multiple services over the same reliable, high bandwidth circuits: all your Internet and hosted applications can share the same managed circuit with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and finely managed service quality.

The services we provide are seamless across borders so your customers see the same company across Europe. Our three product lines are:

Private Wide-Area Networks (PWANs)

iBrowse can provide a truly international private WAN based on our presence in multiple countries and relationships with multiple operators. We aim to help you create a cost-effective, resilient network to serve your distinct business needs.

Choice of connections | Whether you need low cost, high bandwidth, low latency, guaranteed traffic, SLA, etc. iBrowse provides you with the most adapted technology to your needs, tail circuit technology now includes: Fibre, Leased Lines, EFM, SDSL, Annex M, FTTC, ADSL.

Multiple services | Often the cheapest option is to mutualize your access over multiple services - iBrowse provides sophisticated per service or per user QoS options and “application aware” load-balancing, in order for you to get the best quality of service and redundancy for each individual service. We are here to help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Deployment timeframe | iBrowse can build an international private WAN in a surprisingly short timeframe. Within weeks, all of your sites can be linked to each other, to your headquarters, to an external data centre hosting your applications with a minimum of involvement by your teams.

Managed Firewall

As part of a PWAN roll-out, iBrowse can also provide fast and safe Internet access for your guests and staff, including a management control portal which allows you to control and track usage. We can also create a firewall instance for you to manage.

Some of the elements on the portal include:

Managed Guest Internet

WIFI service is becoming more and more important to users, as guests come equipped with multiple connected devices (PCs, telephones, tablets, etc) they have a greater need for broadband wireless Internet. iBrowse’ hosted guest WiFi access allows you to provide high bandwidth, high quality WIFI access to hotel guests and to casual or conference traffic. Very high bandwidth solutions available.

Customer quote

We use iBrowse as a preferred partner since they are able to quickly implement lines – where others take months to roll out, iBrowse can do it in weeks. This is key to our ability to serve our own customers well.